QStarDict authors

Alexander Rodin <rodin.alexander@gmail.com>

The authors of the StarDict plugin:
Hu Zheng <huzheng_001@163.com>
Opera Wang <wangvisual@sohu.com>
Rickard E. Faith <faith@dict.org>

The author of the SWAC plugin:
Nicolas Vion <nico@picapo.net>

The author of the Multitran plugin and KDE 4 plasmoid:
Nick Shaforostoff <shaforostoff@kde.ru>

QStarDict uses the Oxygen icons (http://oxygen-icons.org).

The QStarDict icon is taken from an old revision of Oxygen Icons, originally
it was committed to KDE SVN repository by Jeff Cooper <jeff.cooper@kdemail.net>.

QStarDict contributors

Thanks to:
Petr Vanek who offered some improves and added the Windows support, Mac OS X support
Andrew Gaydenko who helped to fix a bug with building in x86_64
Vadim Kalinnikov who gave a hosting
Hoopoe who added a traditional chinese translation
Yurij Goncharuck who fixed bug when popup window violates from desktop and add ukrainian translation
Truth who added a simplified chinese translation
Nikola Valentinov Petrov who added a bulgarian translation
Jiri Hlinka who added a czech translation
Klaos Lacerda and Bruno Gonçalves who added a brazilian portuguese translation
Zhengpeng Hou who updated the traditional chinese translation
Grzegorz Gibas who added the polosh translation
Simone Solinas who added the italian translation
Stefan Kombrink who improved the popup window and update german translation
Matthias Fehring who updated german translations
Albert Tugushev who helped to fix bug with empty speech cmd
Ilya Kotov who helped to improve localization
Alex Koudr who helped with with mouse scanning on Windows
Nicolas Vion who added the french translation
Andriy Rysin who added the command line support
Yao Ziyuan who improved the simplified chinese translation
Serdar Soytetir who added the turkish translation
Sergey Ilinyh who improved the D-Bus support
Frank Ren who improved the save dialog
Embarembar who added the lithuanian translation
Frank Ren who updated the traditional chinese translation
Boyuan Yang who updated Chinese translation, improved docs, suggested using cppcheck for the code
Giorgos Kostopoulos who added the Greek translation