qstardict 1.0.1

hi all,

here comes a bugfix release of qstardict (1.0.1).



2011-12-05 17:09:16

QStarDict 0.13.1 is released!

The 0.13.1 version of QStarDict is released.

   - fix bugs with installation
   - add spanish translation
   - update italian and german translations

Download: http://qstardict.ylsoftware.com/download.php

2009-02-10 15:32:41

QStarDict 0.13 is released!

The 0.13 version of QStarDict is released.

   - add french translation
   - improve Windows port
   - add SWAC plugin
   - add command line support
   - improve the simplified chinese translation
   - fix bug with settings saving
   - add turkish translation
   - improve D-Bus support
   - fix bug with Qt 4.5

Download: http://qstardict.ylsoftware.com/download.php

2009-02-03 20:06:10

QStarDict site: wiki is added

Yesterday to the QStarDict site added the wiki. It is available on this URL: http://wiki.qstardict.ylsoftware.com/.

Now everyone can help our project by writing useful article.

2008-07-20 21:17:52

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